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April 26, 2020

My thanks and admiration for our McFamily

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Chris K.CEOChicago, Illinois USA
McDonald's CEO Chris K.

As CEO of McDonald's, I'm grateful and inspired by everything you're doing.

Access My thanks and admiration | McFamily video with audio descriptions on YouTube.

Sometimes it’s the most difficult situations that really give you some of the most inspiring stories

These stories of community action on behalf of our McFamily can offer hope and inspiration to us all.

This crisis is hitting people across the globe, and some of their most basic needs are at risk—their health, connection with loved ones, food availability and job security. It’s community by community where those challenges really show up, and that’s where we can make a huge difference.

Every day, our owners, crew members, suppliers and broader McDonald’s family have been working in their communities, supporting those on the front lines fighting against the outbreak, and pitching in to help others get what they need. Our McFamily has been supporting their communities with everything from hand sanitizer to hot meals to messages of hope, and we are determined to continue standing alongside our people and our neighbors. 

We have built a home where we will be sharing stories in hopes of lifting up their efforts, and lifting up your spirits, with their generosity, innovation, courage and resilience.

Please take the time to explore, enjoy and share these stories, and please continue to keep yourself, your families, and your neighbors safe and well.

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