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September 03, 2020

Helping Birds Find a Happy Home

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McDonald’s Editors Finland

Nature and community are at the heart of McDonald’s Finland’s new idea: DIY bird house kits.

In Finland, one third of bird species are endangered and small forest birds have trouble finding a place to nest safely away from natural predators. Fortunately, building and putting up nest boxes is a Finnish tradition, and many people have one in their backyards.

In the spirit of supporting nature and families, McDonald’s Finland hit on the idea of giving away make-your-own bird house sets, complete with all the necessary wood and hardware, fashioned to look just like our signature Happy Meal boxes.  

What better way to surprise and delight our youngest customers?

Wooden components of a bird house that resembles a Happy Meal box.

Home is where the Happy Meal is! McDonald’s Finland designed the bird box to resemble our iconic packaging.

It’s the latest example of how McDonald’s is bringing the fun home to families during the pandemic, when social distancing has caused us all to change our plans.

A limited number of Happy Meal Bird Boxes, available to families buying Happy Meals all over Finland starting September 26, are made from Finnish hardwood and their robust look and feel is optimized for the birds. The nest boxes can be easily put together by the whole family, giving even the smallest members a chance to participate. The DIY kit includes instructions as well as all the painted and ready formed pieces and screws needed to put the nest box together.

In addition to the give-away sets, instructions for DIY nest boxes can be found on the trayliners at all McDonald’s restaurants in Finland as well as at The campaign includes a €10,000 donation from McDonald’s Finland towards the protection of Finnish birds.

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