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August 07, 2020

Did you know McDonald’s sources some of its delicious ingredients locally?

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McDonald’s EditorsWorldwide

Sourcing ingredients locally in countries all over the world is one of the ways we ensure quality.

Our iconic menu items are available in so many countries, in part, because we’re able to source quality ingredients from a nimble network of producers both near and far.

In your local McDonald's, you could be eating foods produced by farmers who are closer than you think.


Cheese McMuffin depicted with ad copy in Romanian that translates to, “An egg and a slice of cheddar cheese in a hot English Muffin.”

Romania is one of many McDonald’s markets that uses 100% local eggs.

In Romania, for example, customers bite into an Egg McMuffin made with eggs sourced – you guessed it – from Romania.

Cheeseburgers in Brazil use beef, produce, cheese, buns and even ketchup supplied exclusively by Brazilian producers. In nearby Argentina, the buns and lettuce in the McPollo® sandwich come from Argentinian producers.

If you enjoy a Gran Crispy McBacon in Italy, the bacon is sourced from producers in Italy. And in the U.S., 18 million pounds of sliced Michigan apples found their way into menu items such as Happy Meal apple slices in 2018.

Crispy McBacon sandwich depicted with ad copy in Italian.

McDonald’s Italy uses Italian bacon and beef, among other locally sourced ingredients.

We may be a global restaurant company, but we are proud to work with local farmers in the communities we call home.

Our goal is to feed communities, and provide delicious, small moments of joy in every community we serve. Although we’re an international business, we think with a local mindset – food included.

* in 2018

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